The Klezical Tradition
THE KLEZICAL TRADITION. L to R: Bennett Brooks, Adrianne Greenbaum, Cookie Segelstein, Gary Ribchinsky, Walter Mamlok, Fraidy Katz.

Whether at your celebration or a concert, THE KLEZICAL TRADITION's Eastern European klezmer music evokes an era of victrolas and pickle barrels with high spirits and historical authenticity that distinguish this vibrant ensemble's performances in concert halls, at college campuses, world music festivals, synagogues, and schools. For your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah we will evoke a feeling of our past while you celebrate your future, bringing together our histories with entertaining song and dance. Adrianne will lead everyone in old-time dances that all can enjoy, children and adults together!

"Thank you so much for being the highlight of the wedding ceremony proceedings. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, totally enjoyed the authenticity of your music and the visual delight you brought to the country Inn as you led the procession to the chuppah. Mr. L said it brought tears to his eyes and it meant so much to the ones who recalled hearing this music in their granparents' homes. The rabbi was very touched and said he rarely gets to enjoy this kind of sentiment these days with young couples. You added JUST the right pinch of tradition that we needed and made the celebration that much more meaningful. Applause to you all!"

Our concerts and workshops will take you to an old-time wedding, you'll dance in the aisles, you'll weep, you'll laugh. A memorable experience of a lifetime!

The Klezical Tradition performs its vast repertoire of song and dance tunes throughout the Northeast -- traveling to Philadelphia, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington DC. To book the group for your celebration, e-mail Adrianne Greenbaum at or call 203.374.0607.


Klezmer, Classical, Jazz, Broadway!

Klezmer, Classical, Jazz, Broadway!

We are classical and klezmer musicians who are superb in every way. We are made up of conservatory trained symphony musicians, professors of colleges, full-time folk artists, who specialize in...

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