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Acclaim for The Klezical Tradition CD
"Family Portrait"


Top 20 Bands -- Rogovoy, Essential Klezmer
National ABC Documentary Film Feature
Top 10 Klezmer CD 1999 -- Moment Magazine
Best Albums of 1999 -- NY Jewish Week

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"The best, freshest traditional klezmer album I've heard in ages!"

-- Ari Davidow, KlezmerShack

"An unalloyed delight, from the old family photos in the booklet to the lively interpretations of old chestnuts like 'Russian Sher' and 'Di Goldene Khasene.' Difficult to single out any one contribution on a record as good as this, but Adrianne Greenbaum's rollicking piccolo is a pungent and unexpected reminder of how many of the old klezmorim learned their trade in East European military bands. A set that managed to be traditional and fresh at the same time. Rating: 5 stars."

-- George Robinson, NY Jewish Week

"An effortless authenticity pervades the debut recording of this New England based accoustic quartet, which takes listeners on a spirited, witty journey through New World Yiddishkeit, including early 20th century instrumental music and Yiddish theater songs. Vocalist Fraidy Katz sounds like she just walked off a Second Avenue stage."

-- Moment Magazine

"A fresh and innovative approach to our eastern European musical heritage -- and a family connection that adds just the right touch of heymishkayt!"

-- Hankus Netsky, Founder/Director,
Klezmer Conservatory Band

"The Klezical Tradition mines the past for inspiration, but unlike other groups, this quartet is much more than klezmer. There's also a surprising and intelligent mix of traditional ballads and folk songs that actually dominate this 24 track disc. As a result, the overall feel is incredibly nostalgic... a striking contrast to some of the over-the-top experimental klezmer acts that have come to represent the notion of Jewish music today. Preserving the past for the future: It's a worthwhile theme and, most important, an accomplishment that's worth hearing."

-- Ed Silverman, Dirty Linen

"A heymish and musically interesting journey using familiar and in some cases rarely recorded Yiddish gems, tastefully interwoven with comments from old-timers."

-- Zalmen Mlotek, Conductor/Pianist