The Klezical TraditioncolonPrograms

The Klezical Tradition offers
a variety of concert programs:

Celebrate family life from the cradle to the khupe (wedding canopy) -- and beyond -- with stories and songs of warmth and humor. Traditional folk songs and Yiddish theater hits will bring back memories, while spirited bulgars and freylekhs will have the audience dancing in the aisles! (This is our most popular concert; for general audiences.)

Narration and music from the lives of Eastern European Jewry, unearthing the culture destroyed by the Shoah, connecting to the strength and hope of those who survived. Our violinist, Marlene "Cookie" Segelstein, child of survivors, reads from her father's memoirs, telling of his life in the Carpathian Mountains, his incarceration in the labor camp, his escape, and his eventual journey to America.

Mordkhe Gebirtig, the Krakow carpenter whose songs for the Yiddish theater made him famous on both sides of the ocean, could be considered the Yiddish Woody Guthrie. This concert interweaves the music of Gebirtig, his biography, and reflections on a journey to Poland in 1994.

This concert and exploration of the Holocaust begins with music from Jewish life in Eastern Europe and the Americas before the rise of National Socialism... continues with songs depicting life and resistance during the Holocaust... and culminates in an affirmation of Jewish life in our times.

FROYEN LIDER: A Musical Celebration of Women's Lives
"At night, the women of my family will come to me in dreams..." wrote the Yiddish poet Kadia Molodowsky in 1905. In this concert, the women of our families come to us in song.

To arrange for The Klezical Tradition to
present one of these programs at your venue,
please e-mail Adrianne Greenbaum
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